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A dissolution of marriage does not end the relationship between you and your former spouse.

Rather, it begins a new, and often painful process of restructuring your relationship. Working together, you can create a new relationship as friends and co-parents of your children. This process, however, requires time. You should be aware of the various stages which may be encountered along the way. These may occur separately or simultaneously.Read more here about the phases you can expect and how to best cope.

The decision to separate is not always two-sided. This can be a very difficult time for everyone involved, especially when children are part of the process. Both former partners experience a wide range of emotions, some of which may include a sense of loss, grief, pain, anger and a sense of failure. No matter what, it takes time to go through this process and it’s important to acknowledge and deal with your feelings.

Separation and divorce are experienced differently by the person that makes the decision to leave and their partner. Men and women also experience this situation differently.

  • The partner who chooses to leave may experience more guilt, where as the one that is left can feel rejected.
  • Often women feel more fear around their security and financial support where as men can feel more helpless and lonely.
  • All these negative emotions can lead to resentment and anger, which need to be dealt with constructively.
  • For others there can be an enormous sense of relief.

Taking care of yourself is important, not only for yourself but also for your children. Both parents need to be able to help their children through this time and be there for them when they need you.

San Diego County Family Law

Family law refers to laws governing marriage, divorce (including child custody, child support, alimony, and paternity), and adoption.


A divorce is defined as the legal dissolution of a marriage. There are two types of divorce: absolute divorce and limited divorce. A marriage can also be dissolved through an annulment.

When a couple divorces, there are several issues that many need to be resolved. These include:

  • Custody of the Children – The court chooses which parent will take custody of the children and decides on visitation arrangements.
  • Monetary Support for the Children – The determination of child support payments is often an issue of available resources.
  • Alimony Payments – The divorce court judge can rule that one divorcee must make recurring payments to the other.

This is a trying time emotionally for all parties involved, having an experienced and caring family lawyer is important to help ease you through this major transition in your life.Hoppes & Associates can help you through this difficult period, contact us today for information specific to your case.